Are you currently asking yourself

"What Now?"

Have you reached a pivotal point in your life where the ground beneath you feels as though it has eroded and you've been left with the feeling of "What now?" This could look like a medical diagnosis, the loss of a job, end of a relationship, sobriety... in fact there's an endless list of happenings that can make us question everything.  This can be an exciting time to self-reflect, discover what is truly important, and to live the life you want.

A life coach helps illuminate obstacles and roadblocks that are stopping you from moving forward and keeping you from feeling empowered. We work to give you control of your life with a sense of purpose and vision.

I trust that you are the expert of your life, are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Make a claim on your life and learn to flow with life.

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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Take the First Step Forward Today.

"I highly recommend Milton as a life coach. He is intuitive and observing, which allows him to go beyond the traditional coaching of setting goals and working through blockages, habits, and beliefs. He helps me to connect to the deepest parts of myself and guides me to find my purpose and set fulfilling goals..."

- Khoa B

“Milton provides these men and women with far more than a yoga experience; he inspires the clients - he helps them to feel more confident, more valuable, and more competent.  He treats them with dignity.  Milton is expert at assessing the clients' capabilities and providing the correct level of complexity”

- Kathy S

“Milton is great. He’s helped me keep on track with my goals and keeps me motivated.”

- Saylor M

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